“Why a NEW NAME,” you ask?   “I thought Heart for the World was a great name,” you say!

Well, we won’t go into all the details, but God seems to be changing a lot of things in our lives and ministry.  But there are also many changes happening in the world and in our own nation right now, and we believe we must be flexible and listen to God’s voice.  You may recall, and may have read on this website elsewhere, that God began a deeper work in us when we saw revival firsthand in Egypt in 2011.  Through seeing the vibrancy of the Christians across that nation ignited by fasting, prayer, and worship, resulting in unity of purpose and passion among all the churches there, He gave us a fresh yearning in our hearts for revival and awakening here in America…

After this trip, our hearts were ruined for the ordinary, so much so, that we began to focus our missions outreaches on the United States of America.  We felt a new calling to pursue the body of Christ in our nation to wake up from her slumber to seek the Lord earnestly.  We even wrote “Awaken Us” (Click Here to Listen Online), produced by the late Lari Goss, as an urgent prayer (immediately upon the radio release, Anne Graham Lotz posted this song on all her social media to go along with her 777 Urgent Call to Prayer in 2014).  Not coincidentally, there has been a great urgency in our spirits, and now in many others, to see the church cleansed and revived so we, the Bride of Christ, are ready for the end-times Harvest of Souls and Jesus Christ’s return.

So, how does a name change come out of all that?  Good question!  We won’t go into all the details or reasons why Terry and I came to this point, but it’s enough to say, He gave us no choice!  And there is Biblical precedent for God bestowing NEW NAMES.  Usually, God gives NEW NAMES to establish a new identity.  God changed Abram’s “high father” name to “Abraham,” “father of a multitude” (Genesis 17:5) and his wife’s name from “Sarai,” “my princess,” to “Sarah,” “mother of nations” (Genesis 17:15).  In Isaiah 62, God said He was bestowing a NEW NAME on Zion or Jerusalem, which would be a sign of vindication, salvation, and God’s brilliant glory, to all… even to the Gentile nations… which is what it means in verse one when it says, “shines out like the dawn.”  God has used this very chapter miraculously in our journey to come to a greater understanding of His presence and purpose for our ministry, and really for all of us as Christians.

This scripture passage in Isaiah 62 is very significant in the creation of our new Worship & Prayer Event, “Dawning of a New Day” which we are now sharing across the nation wherever we are invited.  It’s also significant that we are helping lead “Awaken the Dawn” (Click Here to learn more) in Washington DC from Oct 6-9, 2017 at the National Mall with 50 Tents from all 50 States, lifting up worship and prayer as ONE VOICE.  God is searching for those who will listen and answer His call to be a shining beacon of His presence and glory in these last days.  The Bride must arise and shine forth His glory as WE are the temple of His Holy Spirit now (2 Corinthians 6:16), and HE IS TABERNACLED AMONG US (John 1:14).  (Watch for a new song we’ve written soon called, Arise and Shine Forth.” )

Back to the Bible about NEW NAMES:  So, God changed Jacob’s “supplanter” name to “Israel,” “having power with God” (Genesis 32:28).  He changed Simon’s “God has heard” name to “Peter,” “rock” (John 1:42).  Why did Jesus occasionally call Peter “Simon” after He had changed His name to “Peter”?  Probably because Simon sometimes acted like his old self instead of the rock God called him to be.  The same is true for Jacob.  God continued to call him “Jacob” to remind him of his past and to remind him to depend on God’s strength.

We believe this NEW NAME, Love Sings! Ministries, is a marker in our calling and walk with God, revealing to us and others that we are destined for a new mission and focus.  It’s like the Lord is using our NEW NAME to let us in on His divine plan, and also to assure us that His plan will be fulfilled in and through us!  So, there you have it.  We look forward to seeing what God will do in the months and years to come as we continue serving Him with our NEW NAME… and thank you for so many of you who have prayed us through the last 32 years of ministry!  If the Lord graciously grants us another 32 years of ministry, I will be the same age as my father is right now.  And at 89 years of age, his eyes are going blind (just like his friend, Billy Graham), but he considers prayer his full-time ministry now, as does his friend.  I think I want to have this same heart and purpose when I’m 89. Thank you for your inspiring life, daddy!  –Barbi Franklin

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